Greater Peterborough Network

Ambulance Support Service Case Study

Since February 2022, GPN have been running an Ambulance Support Service, working with East of England Ambulance Service and as of June 2022, have seen over 100 patients. The service aims to reduce the time an Ambulance Crew is off the road, avoid hospital admissions and increase patient’s confidence to stay at home, with GPN offering clinical care and support. The response so far has been very positive with a 40 minute reduction in handover time on average and 70% of patients able to stay at home. A case study on one of the patients visited can be found below.


“The lady that came was good as gold , really friendly and everything went absolutely perfect. I was dead impressed with the communication and quick turnaround –gold star!”
Patients wife

GPN received a referral from the Ambulance Crew about a patient who was feeling lethargic and had noisy chest/lungs, but it was established that move to hospital is not required. Our clinician requested blood sample, urine test and issued a prescription, which was collected and delivered to the patients house by our HCA (and samples taken) within 2 hours of the crew leaving site. Upon arrival, the patients’ relative queried the medication – our HCAs have direct line to the clinician, so they were able to provide an immediate response to patients’ query. Our HCA relayed that “it was great to be in a position where I could make the call and have an immediate response”. The patient was able to commence the course of medication immediately without any delays to their treatment. A comfort all was made the following day to confirm the results of the blood and urine test and patient advised they were feeling better. We checked in with the patient a few days later and were advised that patient was well and the infection had cleared. We received really positive feedback from the patients relatives regarding the service and feel like we really made a difference.

“The patient’s wife was very grateful for what we have done to help them both. They do not have any family in Peterborough to help, so prescription collection was helpful, and she could not take a sample from the catheter and arrange for it to be taken to the surgery; so,
these two things alone were a great help for her.” – duty HCA