Greater Peterborough Network

Ambulance Support Service, FAQs

What is the Ambulance Support Service?

The aim of the service is to support the Ambulance Crews by reducing time on site waiting for a clinical handover and reduce conveyances to hospital. GPN provides patients with care and support to stay at home with confidence - providing health input as well as co-ordinating all other social care needs through calls, visits, medication reviews and GP appointments, where required. Patients are cared for and monitored closely at home for 5 days+ by offering clinical and care support and a dedicated phone line. GPN aims to integrate with, and coordinate with system partners to best serve our patients. 

What are the opening times for the Ambulance Support Service?

The Ambulance Support Service lines are open Monday - Friday (09:00 - 16:00) 

(Closed on Bank Holidays)  

If I am seen by the Ambulance Support team, will they have access to my medical record?

Your GP practice will ask for your consent to have your medical records shared with outside organisations. The Ambulance Crew will also ask for your consent to share your data with GPN during the onboarding process. 

If GPN do not have access to your medical record, we will request that your GP practice seeks consent from you for us to view your medical record. 

How do I make a complaint regarding the Ambulance Support Service?

If you wish to make a complaint about any of the GPN services

Please email your complaint to

Please provide your name, date of birth, phone number, and a reason for your complaint

Alternatively, you can call us on 01733 666670 and a member of our team will direct your call.