Who We Are

Vision: To improve the health and well-being of patients by providing 7 day, 8 till 8 access to Primary Care.

Mission: To improve the sustainability of Primary Care through innovation and collaborative working and to improve the quality of patient care.


To improve patient outcomes and to deliver Primary Care more efficiently and effectively through the implementation of at-scale working across GP Practices within the GPN Federation.

In particular, to improve collaboration between all of the member practices including the sharing of resources and the facilitation of mergers to form Super Practices.

To relieve pressure on acute services by investigating which services could more effectively be undertaken within Primary Care, including diagnostic services,  minor injuries and management of chronic long-term health conditions.

Greater Peterborough Network is a company limited by shares. There are over 20 GP practices in the Greater Peterborough area who are shareholders in the company.


The company is managed by a Board of 6 GP Directors: